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3 April 2017

Dear J—

The blog that inspired me to blog was Defective Yeti and I think I understand what’s happened there, or at least I assume – life gets busy, and you don’t have time. I’m working to finish my parents’ taxes and, missing some data, intend to go online to look some of it up, assuming the list of passwords they gave me is still working. Then there’s the legal aspects of getting older that we’re trying to manage and that’s going to be a wonder and a half once we pull it all off, assuming we pull it all off. You go out and have fun over the weekend but then you come back and there’s twice the work at home, isn’t there?

On Caltrain we’re undergoing ridership growth; many trains now have six cars and a locomotive, which means roughly 800 seats per train and that’s still not enough in the afternoons. Meanwhile, what’s promised for the future – electric multiple units and more frequent service – is looking more and more delayed by the week as time slowly runs out on the contract extensions negotiated to cover a delay in the last third of funding, which had been anticipated to come from the government. This is a remarkably lean operation, and that it works at all is testament to the governance.