Dear J—

Donuts, donuts; man, do we have donuts today. I got up early and left the house so I could ride up to Rolling Pin Donuts on San Bruno Avenue. It’s not far – according to the fitness tracker, I’m 7.3 miles away from home – but it feels odd to be getting on so early (and then as I pick up my usual stops, it feels strange to be already seated, doesn’t it?) and in a different spot than usual. A regular rider had to point me down the platform (where I was standing initially I would have had a good chance of seeing the driver, but not so great a chance to actually catch the train) and everything feels weird but it makes it all worth it.

I’m glad the conductors have regular weekly schedules so I can do something nice for them a week later; last week was sort of dripping on Friday, so I biked down to my closest station, San Mateo instead of my usual one; the platform was closed off with sawhorses and barrier tape, advising us to board on the opposite platform so we all dutifully trooped over to stand under the mural; when the train arrived (SB102) we had to make a mad dash across the tracks to catch the train and the conductors held up for us, which I do appreciate because I know it blows a hole in their schedule. You get what you give, right?



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