Dear J—

Stardates, at least according to the old 1982 Star Trek calendar I had when I was growing up (got it in the mid to late 80s, when 1982 was a distant memory, by the way) are in the format YYMM.DDW where YY is the year, MM is the month, DD is the date, and W is the optional day of the week, 1=Sunday, etc. So far, so good; I’ve gotten up on time and I’m sniffing the right side of the ground. Another year older and I’m still around but not getting much rounder, which is also a plus.

What has happened so far this year? This month? This week? I’ve got a long way out to go yet, don’t I? Let’s also not forget the unexpected rain this morning, which surprised me and the surprise I had this morning looking at the station announcement board: hey, it’s March 30 already and what is up with that? I’m continuously amazed – still – that my commute involves a train and a bike; seriously, it’s like I’m living in Disneyland. So yeah, amazing, just like last year, and next year, for that matter.



One Response to “Birthday”

  1. Junior Says:

    Hey Mike: Happy Birthday! I have been a very delinquent Internet friend, but I hope you and the fam jam are doing well.

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