Dear J—

No, not in memoriam or anything like that – remembering things, like things to remember.

  • New schedules roll out in two weeks, so we’ll have different train crews and slightly adjusted times starting Monday, April 10
  • Turn in my papers that need to be reviewed. I should have done this last Friday, but I’m running behind. As usual.
  • Get up early on Friday to hit up Rolling Pin Donuts. Steve and the rest of the train crew deserve donuts.
  • Encouraged and emboldened by praise, continue to work on Caltrain articles.
  • Oh, yeah, taxes. Taxes, taxes, taxes. I need to grab the portable hard drive and look up some passwords to see if they’re still valid or not. If not then I’ll have to figure out how to log in to their email to reset their passwords.
  • Start putting together the presentations for training at the end of next month. Because if I don’t then …

That’s it for now. I’m sure there’s more. I’ll have to write these down in the little journal I keep at work in order to take the burden off me trying to remember everything every so often.



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