Grand Land

Dear J—

When I first started work my vice was reading a few of the longer articles on Grantland while I waited for the computer to churn on some things; now that website has gone defunct and I haven’t followed its writers to the various corners of the web where they’ve landed. Same thing happened with gawker, so help me: I loved reading the Behind Closed Oven Doors column of reader-submitted stories by C.A. Pinkham and I followed him as far as Wonkette but then everything moved on and … well. Creating content is interesting too, though it’s on a volunteer basis and the rewards are not very tanglble.

I spent the weekend researching and writing about Caltrain’s CTX (Caltrain Express) project and when I was done and the article was published, it immediately becomes one of the top hits on Google just by virtue of being on Wikipedia. That’s heady, though I don’t necessarily then have to go back and refresh the page every few moments to see if anyone else is looking at it or linking to it, now, do I? Instead, I’m moving on and putting more Caltrain projects on line, though sadly they seem more planned than completed.



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