Shining Summer

Dear J—

We’ve had summer-like weather this week, meaning highs in the sixties and seventies and lows into the forties, making it quite comfortable indeed. That hotter stuff we get in September and October, I just call that the hot season. The kids are getting thick blood too, what with this weather like this, as they will volubly complain that it was really hot this last week when we got to wear shorts for the first time all year. 

This may be an issue if they choose to live literally anywhere else in the country, but weather is one of those things, you know: you get used to it after a while. This is not bad to get acclimated to, though you might have to carry a jacket in case you’re out after dark. Back in San Diego … the hot days would be almost unbearable by noon, and the heat hadn’t even crested, and the winds would fail. Perhaps that’s what would help, though both kids would be sweaty messes by the afternoons of really hot days.

By the way there’s a guy riding the car with me so far this morning: classic Stumpjumper, red, lugged with a unicorn fork and wide-profile cantilevers which look wholly original; I’m guessing late 80s? It’s not often that I see a bike even older than mine on the train. Dude’s up here to “escape the crowding” on the northernmost car; I hesitate to think what he sees in the afternoons.



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