Much More

Dear J—

The other day the senior guy in our group said he was waking up with nightmares of all the ways this particular project could be going wrong and yeah, I get that. There’s the awkward phone call we fielded last week and the project planning meetings we’ll need to go through this week and … well, there’s going to be a lot of different things going on this week in general. I’m still behind on some of the external-to-work stuff I’ve been dealing with, so that’s not going to help too much, either.

We walked up Telegraph Hill from the east on Saturday, an approach I’d never taken before (I went up the relatively less steep western flank last time, walking up through Chinatown and Little Italy) and I think the most notable feature was there were more stairs than you thought. You start out by ascending what seems like a sheer wall with concrete stairs in reasonable repair, but then you proceed through wooden flights in various heart-pounding views and just as you reach the top you spot the bottom of the next flight. And the next flight. And the next; Before long you realize how many more there are left to ascend, but at the top, the view is marvelous and your legs seem to ache that much less, don’t they? I know it seems like a lot now, but being done is its own reward, isn’t it?



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