Dear J—

There was a letter to the editor (or a review, something like that which is one step above ‘anonymous internet comment’) which decried the ‘Asian invasion’ into San Mateo resulting in clogged streets and traffic backups in downtown. I … well, I guess I understand but it feels to me more natural to see a bunch of non-occidental faces now (the after care which we pick the kids up from is definitely minority-Caucasian, as is the school) and I would posit the writer is someone who probably has lived here for thirty or more years and slowly seen the changing tide of faces in and around the area.

It’s one of the reasons why we ended up back in the Bay Area after San Diego – not just for this delightful weather, which currently swings 20ºF between daytime high and overnight low, making it difficult to dress adequately warm (and cool) without a complete change of clothes in the bag. The demographics mean it doesn’t have the same feel as Boston, where I overheard plots to nike China, or San Diego, with the aggressively lax-bro surfer culture meant people spent most of their days playing their own internal movies.



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