Way Behind

Dear J—

Chalk this up as one of the other things I feel way behind on: there’s the goal, let’s go for it, shall we? The one big thing I don’t like is not being caught up on the audits, so let’s spend some time in that persuasion today, shall we? Then there’s the data we’re getting, which has been a little bit off, every now and again, off enough that I can’t seem to know what I’m doing with it, or that I should even trust some of it.

Everything takes time, and time is not my friend at the moment. On the other hand I could have been reading over the papers I took home yesterday rather than frittering about with less interesting things like Netflix and YouTube. So it’s on me, too, but to have to be reading all the time, working all the time … is not so terrible, right? In a sense the work on Wikipedia is like a volunteer job (no pay, terrible benefits, no recognition) and the articles I create are some of the most obscure on that repository of the obscure.



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