Dear J—

You wonder about a few things, here and there; who has been sitting in this seat long enough to completely crush all hope out of the backrest and cushion, for instance. The upholstery is new; I remember way back when, I used to have enough time to be taking BART to Caltrain and transferring by skate, and buying a ticket to what was then Zone 4, Palo Alto. Did we pass through this many stops? I honestly don’t remember any more.

That was back when I followed the advice of the small town: don’t get caught out in Berkeley after dark, like some sort of reverse vampire keeping you from any kind of activity. Yesterday I stayed at work a little longer and what theVet said was true: I have enormous patience for everyone except my family, which makes me nearly as rotten as possible. Now we have to make do with less and I have to remember how much is left in my tank and not to empty it before home. 



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