Long Gone

Dear J—

You hear about people living well – and prosperously long – around here. I saw my friend John just now at the Burlingame train station; I hadn’t seen him in a few months and I wasn’t sure if it was because I was getting to the station so late lately. I used to get to the station approximately ten minutes early and waited and read my book, but lately, the situation has been I’ll stay in bed that extra ten minutes reading. I first met him beyond a nodding basis – he would walk by with a cup of coffee, and we’d nod to each other – when I found those pants.

There were a pair of abandoned pants, complete with phone and wallet but no man on the bench at the station and I asked him if there might be a large man sleeping off a drunk. He said no and we called the police to turn it in, but I had to take off on the train. He stayed to watch the pants (and a bag, with a couple of bottles of wine) until the authorities came to get them. Since then we’ve exchanged at least a few words in the morning and today I learned he’d been busy taking care of his 96-year-old mother the past few months and I can’t help but wonder at the ages I hear around here.

There is still a lot of life left ahead of us, should we choose to look for that, and many good years besides. 



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