Dear J—

Now that I think about the first couple of pop albums we owned on CD were soundtracks: Ghostbusters and Miami Vice, which we received as gifts from visitors; that custom I’ll need to explain at some later point. I like discovering new artists (okay, new artists to me) through soundtracks, as shallow as that might seem. If it wasn’t for the Angus soundtrack I might never have learned about Dance Hall Crashers and I wouldn’t have given Angus a second chance if one of my teachers in high school wasn’t friends with the author, Chris Crutcher, and wasted no oppportuntiy to promote his novels (which I enjoy but tend to be similarly plotted, which I suspect might be true for many authors).

What do you do as a follow-up, then? I guess you can explore the actual albums where these songs appeared and get into deep tracks which weren’t released as singles but that tends to become sort of a exercise in pretension after a short time, doesn’t it?



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