Lip Service

Dear J—

The very words “lip service” have that sort of ugly connotation you associate with lies and mendacity, probably for good reason, too. We don’t necessarily like to acknowledge that we’re trending towards a service-based economy but there you have it and here we are. And what do the two have to do with anything, let alone each other? Lip service is a form of paying attention when you’re not paying attention – i.e., yes, yes, I’ll take out the trash when you’re distracted with something else. 

The service-based economy is where we take money not to produce food or goods but to do something for someone else. Cleaning. Driving. Cooking. Engineering. Lawyering. Doctoring. They say that manufacturing in this country has declined to the point where it’s not a majority of the economy any more. So what does it say when we are ready to make promises and then break them in our own lives, what does that say about the services we offer professionally?



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