Luxury Class

Dear J—

I read an article in The Guardian saying how all these people with outsized salaries are unable to make it work in the Bay Area which frightens me; one of the anecdotes related was about some guy who was making $700,000 per year and yet because of his 22-mile, 2-1/2 hour commute, got fed up and moved to San Diego with a 50% pay cut after he was contemplating buying a house in Los Gatos, which would have saved him eight miles on the commute. The winning bid on the 1,700 square foot property, listed for $1.4 million? $1.7M.

Those are some nice, meaty numbers so let’s tuck in. I’m trying to think of where that guy is living – was living – that Los Gatos would be eight miles shorter and I’m thinking perhaps Morgan Hill to Palo Alto. So yeah, there’s that, but you can always readjust and find a smaller place to live that’s even closer. On the other hand perhaps you want it all: the nice car and a detached house and my God, for every time I think about how lucky we were to buy into the market where we did, I’m amazed that meteors haven’t fallen out of the sky to strike us. But no, you can’t have it all, so maybe you learn how to compromise?


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