Buffed and Polished

Dear J—

This weekend I worked on the Wikipedia articles for the Southern Pacific Building and a planned article for Caltrain’s Downtown Extension, which I now trace back to 1911, longer than most of us have been alive. It’s interesting how historical details will start to fill up until you’re left with a good, chronological history from here to there with few gaps in between. You get a few nuggets from each source and the trick is stringing them together into a readable narrative (or at least what I consider readable). 

I also fixed an article I’d edited before, talking about the Transbay Tube where someone had changed while to whilst. While that may be more correct, (1) it was an edit to a verbatim quote from a source and (2) whilst sounds impossibly British, or perhaps just pretentious enough to qualify as legalese.

Today’s headline is brought to you by the freshly waxed and polished floor in the southern bike car of train 102, which I’m almost afraid to walk on for fear that I’ll slip (or mar) with my dirty shoes.



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