Hit By Car

Dear J—

Did I tell you I got hit by a car the other day? That makes around ten years of mixed-mode commuting (first bike to vanpool, now bike to train) before the close calls turned out to be prophetic. I stopped at a 4-way stop to let a car go through, and as I was proceeding, the car behind them went without stopping. Fortunately I had only gotten halfway through the intersection, so when I say hit by car, it was more like the front edge of my front tire rattled along the side of the car. Still, though, I remember getting a decent whack from the side mirror as the car continued to barrel through the intersection.

I let loose with a big loud swear and watched them come to a stop on the other side; a lady got out and after asking if she knew it was a four-way stop, she asked if I was okay and for some reason that defused my anger; we hugged (I think she was feeling shaky) and I won’t take stop signs for granted. First stop lights and now thais. I’ll be following all the rules in a matter of weeks.



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