Rainy Pause

Dear J—

I hear it’s your birthday today, so happy birthday, first of all. I hope this finds you well and satisfied; we personally have been butting heads with figgy over how much and how thorough she needs to be with a report attached to a science project needs to be. She’s going to be ten years old in a few more months and that’s what’s most surprising to me, that ten years should have passed so quickly, although I suppose they say that’s what happens as you get older.

I haven’t written for a while because I switch to a different bag when it rains: it’s got seam-sealed zippers and a big yellow cover that I really ought to wash now that it’s gotten muddy and dingy. The rains this year have been remarkable and remind me of that year I was flying back and forth between Boston and Sacramento. I suppose it was the depth of that which kept me going, not necessarily the phone calls or other forms of communication.

I remember I told you that theVet was a strong woman, and I’m blessed to have been surrounded by strong women all my life, from my mom to my daughter to my wife to you, always challenging me to do better than I thought possible. so I’m writing on your birthday to say thank you and Weiss you well over the coming year.



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