Funny Face

Dear J—

I still think it’s strange how the locality of a tragedy – the 9/11 attacks – somehow transformed the legacies of Rudy Giuliani and George W. Bush into effective leaders. Giuliani, as you recall, is the one who has been shooting off his mouth this week about how President Trump asked him to come up with a “Muslim ban” that would be legal and defensible, ergo the country-based immigration ban that got rolled out over us last weekend, even as Administration officials have vigorously denied any existence of a religious test.

This seems like cheap, mealy-mouthed excuses and the cracks are beginngng to show (I hope) as folks call up their members of Congress to ask what they’re doing about it. The intent is clearly written in the religious minority exemption and the known statistics of the seven countries named. It is pathetically transparent, and appears to be typical of the hasty decision-making we can come to expect over the next few years. Would that there would be a world to enjoy after that.



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