Dear J—

I’ve managed to teach my kids the “most annoying sound in the world” scene from Dumb and Dumber, so at least I have that to my credit (or debit).

Let’s talk about the ban. Last Friday, three days ago, President Trump issued an executive order suspending entry visas for people from seven different predominantly Muslim countries, with allowances for priority for religious minorities from those same countries after a period of evaluation. First off, let me express how difficult it is to say anything remotely nice about this and secondly, f— this. Seriously. It is morally wrong and completely wrong-headed to think we have gotten to this point, to think that simple measures which don’t even address the issue of homegrown radicalization or, you know, exempting folks from the very same country that’s actually responsible for terror attacks in the United States.

I was under the impression that nothing much would change – yes, he is the president but thereÆs no way he could upend the world and yet here we are, a week and a half into this and it’s far worse than I had dreamed. I just, I can’t imagine where we go from here.



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