Dear J—

If I write flats what I’m probably talking about is a flat tire; for the last few weeks I’ve had a slow leak in the rear tire that I’ve been dealing with by reinflating the tire periodically. At one point, however, it was going flat after less than four hours so I went ahead and changed the tire and tube. Just before that, I’d changed the tube, but the tube was either defective or I didn’t sweep enough junk out of the tire to make it hold air, as the new tube I had put in went flat almost immediately.

It could also refer to the terrain around here – mostly flat until you head west, in which case you’re getting into the ridges that define the rim of our world here in the Bay Area. 

Perhaps it means my mood lately, which is not to be mistaken for even-tempered, but rather un-excited; what prospects are on the horizon for us, what lies ahead? I’m pretty sure that’s speaking to me from a place of little sunlight and long nights, though, and the days are getting longer and warmer, aren’t they?



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