Dear J—

We have spent every day so far this week in an audit and today’s going to be the last day, hopefully. I’m pretty sure he’s found everything that’s wrong – which is, honestly, a lot; I haven’t been maintaining the program as I should have in the wake of the three-audit bonanza at the end of last year – and that’s not going to be so very great. On the other hand I have old glasses on with a prescription that very nearly matches my current one, so my frames are not about to fall off my face, at least not any time soon. Or so I hope.

Every endeavor we undertake is fraught with peril and the threat of neglect, creeping, unbeloved neglect means that every little thing we try has the prospect of blowing up in our faces. How long would have been enough to be considered enough to fix all the traces before the auditor came? I’ll tell you now, that guess is too short. Of the three audits we went through, we generated responses for one (and never carried them through to completion), half-assed another, and the third? Completely forgotten. On me.



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