Last Week

Dear J—

Last week was a bit difficult; the Saturday preceding that week I developed an achy neck which turned into a pinched nerve causing me to walk around stoop-shouldered until I had enough and went to urgent care, where they gave me a neck brace after x-rays showed no fracture, just “neck arthritis” as they put it. A week of muscle relaxers and ibuprofen put it straight and I’m back to work this week, thankfully. 

Except I’m back to work with broken glasses; the memory-metal bridge snapped last Sunday night and I’ve been limping along with a paperclip wire-wrapped substitute for now until I can line up another set. I’ve had nothing but poor luck with this optometrist – first the lens coatings broke down inside a year, then the wrong lenses were ordered as replacements, and now this, though I can honestly say I didn’t help it out by testing out the flexibility of the frames at odd times.



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