Dry Spell

Dear J—

They have declared the drought in Northern California officially over, which does surprise me a little: just that much rain? I should be grateful to the folks all around us – sheltered as we are on the Peninsula, hemmed in on all sides by hills and mountains to the north, west and east. There are folks in Napa and Marin who got flooded out with what we considered a little bit of rain, but thinking about it, there’s just not that much opportunity for rain to hit us at the best of times, so there you have it.

The more you look at the landforms around here you realize why there’s always a fairly strong breeze where we live: it’s from the ocean and it comes either down from the Bay or funneled by San Bruno Mountain, a hulking rock of a thing that redirects winds around it: north into the City and south into the airport (and us).

All the same this last week has felt pretty soggy and I’m not sorry to see it gone. We have a lot to be thankful for and the threatened floods and torrents are no fun to consider.



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