Dear J—

I’m not sure if you’ve seen Moana yet, assuming you take your kids to the movies. We make a production of it, our family, something that I never did growing up: get the big popcorn, two trays and share it, with those little white bags of bulk candy on the side too and a pack of dried ramen for me (I’m partial to the chicken flavor, though beef has its appeal too but shrimp and ‘oriental’ are right out as too salty). Anyhow. Moana. I’m convinced that Lassiter and crew are doing fine work at Disney and there are very important messages coming out of that studio.

On the other hand we’ve also been to watch Storks and Sing! and those are perfectly adequate movies to pass the time and entertain the kids but that’s it: what you see is what you get. And I’m sure that talking animal movies are fun for everyone and filled with funny sight gags (a soapy koala in a Speedo?) there’s no deeper message going on and yet how can these be so memorable to the kids where they’re not talking about Moana every single day? I know, I don’t get it. Maybe I’m not meant to. Life is unfair.

We went to watch Moana on opening weekend and I saw a lot of kids dressed up in grass skirts and leis, perhaps thinking this would be some fun Hawaiian adventure, and sure, there are elements of that, but I dunno, they may not get why that’s not what the movie is about. Man, look at me getting all flustered. On the other hand maybe I’m glad people went in with preconceived notions and got challenged while watching the film; it can’t be anything but good to have folks watch beyond the shallows, can it?



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