Since Before

Dear J—

Since last we conversed, Christmas has been and gone and I hope you and yours had as much fun as us. We went out to Korean food with my parents, who were initially skeptical that we had ordered enough but then ended up begging off the last few pieces of everything once we were settled in: dumpling soup, spicy chicken, beef shortribs, and the seafood pancake filled with green onions which my dad leaned over and asked was this the same as the green onion pancakes he used to make and I said no – you could taste the bits of scallops throughout, plus it had a lot more egg.

It’s almost enough to make you think everything is normal but they’re still frustrated with the mobile phones (I need to get them a new one and I’m thinking that will be around $300 each for something modern) and besides which there’s the matter of considering a move (both thinking it’s time for Taiwan which seems fraught with potential) because of the eventual future, which is now and here and I’m still not convinced they’re choosing to help themselves as much as possible.

In any case – at any rate – it’s not unusual to be worried about these things at my age, is it? My parents have had the relative luxury of both having more siblings to care for their parents and generally speaking, distance from health issues; I still remember waiting for my mom coming back home from my grandpa’s funeral and not spotting her because she’d gotten her hair cut short in Taiwan; that happened suddenly and isn’t this your duty and obligation versus how your father must have doted on you, his daughter, growing up like how I seem to have infinite patience and understanding for one but not the other and how does this even begin to figure in to where I was as a well-rested person and now in the gloaming dawn of the week?



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