Familiar Reluctance

Dear J—

I have a familiar reluctance in the mornings: it’s warm under the covers, and the night is still dark, and I don’t want to get up and go. So far, though, I’ve been able to get up on time every time and I intend to keep it so: go to bed at a reasonable hour, get enough sleep (they say that insufficient sleep is bad for the heart and mental processes and, well, yes), get up and go. Plus I actually look forward to these rides, though I’m not sure if that’s unfounded optimism following the grim task of waking up and extracting myself from the throes of the alarm clocks (four separate alarms and counting–I’m pretty paranoid about them).
Tomorrow and Friday it’s supposed to rain all day and that that does for the ride I’m not sure except maybe I’ll cut it a bit shorter in the mornings and evenings; no point in sitting in wet clothes all day or all night, right? There are options and solutions.



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