Keeping Up

Dear J—

Although it induces a nauseating amount of deja by in me to say so, I don’t keep up with people I don’t see very often. Just don’t. Can’t say why, either, other than that if the opportunity isn’t there, I don’t make much of an effort (okay, no effort) to reach out and touch someone, so to speak. The last time I did that, in fact, was when I joggled that guy on the elbow when we were coming up to Palo Alto station because I was convinced he was going to miss his stop; he nodded at me in a not unfriendly way but didn’t say anything and from here on out we’ve dubbed him the “don’t-touch-me” guy. 

No, not literally touching someone. What I should do is get the phone number of people I ride with to make sure they’re doing all right and being safe. I don’t see you for a few minutes hours days weeks whatever, there probably should be some contact to ascertain that. We’re not terrible people. I try not to be. We just get busy with life and, well, everything else I guess. Out of sight out of mind and all that.



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