The Crude Crud

Dear J—

Did you ever listen to Mr. Larson when he was talking about amusing kids? His theory, since demonstrated by numerous examples, is that everyone under the age of 10 or so is inordinately amused by the word toilet or other bathroom-related nouns. You go ahead and try it out. We have a tradition in our family to make “bathroom” style books by substituting pee and poop for other staid nouns. Go ahead and try it.

I will not eat green pee and poop.

Of course you have to modify the propositions as required to make some sense. It does not sound like much but can work wonders if you’re stuck reading the same book over and over again. We should probably go to the library more often but what we have time for is all we have time for and that’s that. We are perhaps not the most refined family on the block. 



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