Very Long

Dear J—

It turned out to be one of those extra-long long weekends: four days, two kids, and a wealth of experiences: Thanksgiving with my folks; then the day-after with my cousin (and a couple of Disney flicks on video); Saturday with still another; and finally Sunday, which we had to ourselves and spent at the movies and walking around with me awkwardly yelling at the kids for not doing exactly what I wanted and why can’t they hurry up and be adults and reasonable about all my crazy demands anyway? Not fair to punish them for not being me, you know? Isn’t that always the way, though?

We went to Moana yesterday which features a protagonist who defies her parents and instead of the blinding rage that engenders in me, I need to realize that well, for starters, it’s just a movie, but more importantly, these are kids and good kids at that – sweet and friendly – and they’re not always going to want to do the same things as me and being a sulky little boy about it isn’t going to help. We made an acronym years ago, theVet and I, in response to seeing public bullying – GOYBS: Get Over Your Bad Self. Remember?



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