Dear J—

I texted theVet the night of the election, saying that I was stuck in Chicago and Trump was leading and everything was terrible, therefore I needed pie. Let me be the first to observe there is no pie at the airport unless you count the fried-burrito-style pies at McDonald’s, and when you’re looking for pie, that just won’t do.

For those of you who voted for Trump: hey, I understand, I honestly do. The last eight years with Obama must have been as maddening as eight years of Bush Jr were to me. There’s a lot of thought about how-could-we and how-did-this-happen and really, what’s happened is our country has seemingly divided overnight through these fault lines that were always there but patched up under a thin veneer of politeness. There’s many who will claim they voted for Trump not because they’re racist, but because he represented a change to the political establishment. I come from a county that deposed a sitting Speaker of the House (Tom Foley) in favor of a political neophyte (George Nethercutt) when term limits were first being bandied about. 

You want to change the system, I get that. But look what you’ve done: there are white nationalist rallies out in the open; proposed appointees are already being scrutinized for their prior records and it’s not coming off well (and yet with no control of the Senate, there’s nothing that can be done to keep them from ramrodding through an attorney general, for instance, who has referred to blacks as “boy”). You don’t get to change the system by blowing it up or letting crony politics happen. You’re acting out of anger, which is like carrying a coal close to you so that you can give it to your enemies: who gets burned first?



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