More than Possible

Dear J—

Well, I’ve already done more than I thought was possible this morning: I got up and got out of the house fairly late, having forgotten to take the trash to the curb last night so doing it hastily before I left. There’s more to it than that: you rest in bed a little before getting up even though the alarms are carefully calibrated to allow only the slightest bit of laziness in waking up. If I’m starting to hit buttons in my sleep then I’m cooked. Still, though, I made it to Burlingame instead of San Mateo, so that’s a positive development.

So this fall figgy is in a production of James and the Giant Peach (musical) which stars as James a boy who’s mocked by his brothers for pursuing “girly” interests like theatre and how does that even happen in today’s society? I suppose there’s always pressure to conform from society and that’s why you can’t discount asking about your children’s peers, but do you trust they are surrounding themselves with the right people, too?



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