eBay Seller Regret

Dear J—

I bought something on eBay the other day – one of those lenses that attaches to your phone, comes with its own sensor, etc. Good price. Seller started the auction at $50 and there were only two bids by the time the auction ended, so it ended up selling for $61, quite reasonable for what was a fairly expensive ($250) piece when new. Interestingly, the order was canceled and paymen refunded, then the auction was relisted at $185. Call it seller’s regret, but if you’re going to list it at a low price then you should own up to where it ends up, though I’m sure there’s no recourse for me. Perhaps if it had been something I needed or desired, then perhaps we could have worked something out but as it is that seems like a way to game the system. I hope the $185 auction does not ever sell.



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