Dear J—

I need to tell you about the concussion from a week and a half ago. There are a lot of repairs that I need that I haven’t put together because I’ve been pretty lazy about getting time together to look at them, but I definitely need a new helmet and chainring.

The worst part is not knowing exactly what happened. One minute I was biking down Central Expressway as usual to work, and the next I was looking up at folks who seemed genuinely concerned: what just happened here? Based on the evidence from the bike, it looks like the chain snapped and I must have gone over the handlebars, possibly stripping out some of the teeth on the middle chainring, since that’s been slipping ever since then. There’s a lot of things that I need to do to fix up and finish on the bike, but that’s going to be a priority, since I hate not being able to put down some power and crank on away.

The scars are starting to heal: scabs are falling off and my shoulder is slowly becoming more mobile, though I suspect something got stretched since there’s still twinges when I flex just right. Mentally there’s no looming dread of that particular intersection, just a curiosity: what happened here and how do I get in touch with the people who stopped? Having lost consciousness, they took me to the nearest hospital in an ambulance, making me think of the whole episode with a shed load of embarrassment and regret: I’m causing a fuss, stop it stop it. there’s really nothing to be ashamed of, I suppose.



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