Historical Accounts

Dear J—

So last week I got an actual ink-and-paper (well, probably toner to be honest) letter from my credit card company asking about the charges I disputed; I’m not sure if I’ve related that particular tale of woe, but suffice it to say that experience was enough to keep me from recommending Expedia, where you get a better rate by prepaying for a hotel stay and then you don’t have the chance to ask for a refund when the hotel is unable to let you stay. The front door of the small B&B I had booked in Washington DC was broken, and would not open while I was standing in front; my luggage was trapped inside, where I had dropped it off directly after arriving from the airport, and … yeah. No bueno.

The credit card company wanted my side of the story, while Expedia didn’t particularly seem to care: they only said they’d ask for the money back from the B&B, which refused to provide a refund, and here we are, writing a detailed personal letter saying all the things I’d done and tried to get in touch with someone at the B&B to let me in (complete with screenshots!). Lesson learned. Book directly with the hotel. Don’t bother paying a cheaper rate up front.



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