Moderately Awful

Dear J—

I’ve been more productive at work lately, by which I mean that articles about infrastructure and Disney are not being created on Wikipedia; I would not challenge the definition of the word nor sully its dignity to suggest that I’ve been productive as an absolute term, though. More productive than zero is still more productive. It’s a bit of a losing argument, because being so, doing so and getting through deadlines has been moderately awful. There’s a million directionless, rudderless arguments for not continuing on with all the everything that’s happening, but the main point is that we’re marking time until the trip. At least I am. And watching things slide by this quickly has been enervating. 

I made a list of “things to do today” a week or so ago and I’ve only managed to scratch the surface. Part of that is the ever-present distraction of well huh, there’s just not much detail in that article, can’t we remedy that, or let’s dig up some more references, surely that won’t take too long. Next thing you know, half the morning has slipped by and I’m still sitting there in pajamas, editing some article I didn’t know I was going to be attacking whenI walked in that morning.



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