Days Out

Dear J—

If you think about it, one day off is no big deal: there are any number of reasons why this happens, including sick time, or running late, or maybe a mini-vacation to tune down the rest of the day. Two days off, though? Without announcement? I guess it’s still not a big huge deal but then you start to worry, and then the days stretch into weeks and finally you end up wondering just where the heck this person has gone. In our case that’s how we worried about one of the people we ride with in the afternoons: no one had seen her all week, then two weeks and three before we figured out what was happening (an alternative means of transportation).

Still, though; you spend so much time rubbing elbows with people that you don’t like to think of what could happen when they go missing. If you worry about someone then you should probablyy have some way to get in touch with them to make sure everything’s going all right. Simple, right? We’re good at connecting – phones are always on, gathering information about how we walk and where we go – and the simple things, like actually talking with someone, have turned out to be just as tricky as before.



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