Dear J—

The guy who’s usually on the train before me – we talk – isn’t here at the moment so I have a few stops before the next guy gets on. It’s enough. What I should do at work is go back to what I had before, that is, writing in a daily journal the events of the day and what’s coming up for tomorrow. It’s a nice way to exercise the last fifteen minutes or so rather than wait until the last minute and then send out some ill-advised emails talking about stuff I have little authority regarding.

You spend the time between not enough and too much worrying about what to do next; if all there is is worry then you’re not truly enjoying what you do, do you? I’m not sure what I’m saying. There’s always opportunities to forget what is important and how to reason through things rationally, so let’s take that last few minutes and find a way to make things easier to remember.



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