Just Respond

Dear J—

I have an awful lot of good intentions but the most significant one is the avoid-everything mode where I choose not to respond because I haven’t gotten anything done yet. This is pretty much the way I operate when I want to be nice but also want to be lazy. You know, that tracing of the cross-section of the Transbay Tube wasn’t going to make itself so … So yes. It also didn’t need to be made, perhaps. Lord knows it’s the least of my concerns, although I keep thinking of just one more news article or story that I can squeeze into the writeup.

That’s the problem, though: are you breaking even work-wise, and probably not is the real answer. Why does this happen every time it feels like every time I fail to respond that’s what I end up feeling, that’s that and it’s it. Okay. First off, think of a computer that you’d want to get. That’s the first order of business. Next, let’s think about the greater relief that will be had when you’ve got some more billings done. Yes. And finally, when did project management become a discussion topic in the first place? That’s what I want to know.



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