Long Mateo

Dear J—

One of Calcifer’s friends is named Mateo; back when we were roaming around the city on weekends, we would occasionally run into him as he was shuttling around on the back of his dad’s bike (a Yuba ElMundo, one of the big cargo bikes with motor assist). Lately we haven’t had the ambition to go out walking, which may have something to do with the distance and heat, although figgy and I went out to the park last night to catch Pokemon and had a fairly good (yet frigid) time in the wind blowing off the Bay.

Hey, I even now own fingerless gloves (so elegant) which I keep on for the bicycle even when I secretly think how they now remind me of being a Pokemon trainer. Don’t judge me. If it’s a way to get the kids out and walking around then it’s not a bad thing at all. And if we can find a way to be more active this summer too then that’s even better. Kids learn from their parents, and when we’re not willing to go out or just wanting to lie around then …



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