Last Week

Dear J—

Last week I learned a few things:

  • You can’t beat the train. No, really, you shouldn’t even try.
  • Last Monday, someone tried and failed by going around the barriers and abandoning their car on the tracks when they found out they weren’t going to make it.
  • The guy was hiding in the bushes when the conductor hopped out to see if they could render first aid.
  • I used to think the worst job in the world was the guy who had to come in while you were waiting at the emergency room and ask you how you were going to pay for today’s visit, but the way the substitute conductor described the first responder scene (“typically little bits of person … scattered all over the tracks”) makes me think I have a new #1 candidate.
  • After the train hits anything, they give those conductors three days off, minimum, and wow, does that not seem like enough.
  • The substitute conductor, who I initially took as someone wearing makeup well, turns out to be tough as nails and Filipina – if you had said Filipina from the start, I would have known tough as nails.

It has been an interesting week. A lot has changed in my worldview and there’s still a lot of week to get through.



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