Dear J—

For the most part Southern Pacific would name the intercity trains that would run during the day “Daylight” trains: so Coast Daylight, for instance. I’ve overslept and missed my first train, so today, the Santa Clara Daylight is what I’ve reflexively declared this train. Get over it. I hate being late and since I’ve been using a smartphone alarm, haven’t been until the last couple of weeks when I figured out the touch sensor will not only unlock the phone, it will turn off alarms. Handy but deadly, I suppose: I’ll have to set up another phone with an alarm next to the bed now.

It’s interesting seeing the stations by day, especially those early stations up here. If I were to take another personal day (they’ve all been personal days, lately; I’ve taken everything very personally) I’ve decided that it’s going to be me riding up to see all five tunnels along the Bayshore Cutoff. There are a lot of indulgent passions I engage in, and one of them is the joy of tradition and history: at over a hundred years old, it’s earned enough venerability points with me to warrant a visit.

I keep telling myself that today’s the day I don’t do X: I don’t oversleep, I don’t get to work and seek out and destroy an entire pack of Pop Tarts by myself, that I don’t fail to review that report that’s been sitting in my inbox for a week. I inevitably fail because really, who wants to not do things? What if I introduce a series of rewards instead, where I get to do something fun in exchange for another more mundane task? I think I can get behind that, and I hope it will snap me out of this funk that’s settled in over the past two weeks.



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