Dear J—

I think I forgot to mention yesterday that Kundo – officially, Kundo: Age of the Rampant – has followed the pattern of most Korean films that I’ve watched where the hero goes through a great deal of suffering before the end, suffering of the just-when-you-think-it-can’t-get-worse variety, so be prepared for that, potential viewers. I suppose it’s better so the ending can be that much more uplifting in comparison, but it’s strange to me how these things are, sometimes. 

Also yesterday, I watched a couple of guys trying to wedge the train door open (one guy got on the train and was holding the door for his friend, who was running a little late). Apparently the edges of the door need to touch in order to recycle and come back open, so they held up the entire train for an extra minute or two and for what? It ended up that they were riding exactly two stops (Palo Alto to San Antonio) and they had bikes, so it’s not like that would have been so terrible a ride (and in Palo Alto/Mountain View, anyway, which are both bike-friendly communities). I dunno. There’s a strange selfishness that I’m sure I’m going to be (or have been) guilty of in the past as well.


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