Ip Man

Dear J—

So the last week I’ve been catching up on watching the Ip Man trilogy, which stars Donnie Yen in a fictionalized role as Yip Man, the famous promulgator of Wing Chun style kung fu. The Wikipedia entry is fairly light on the biographical details, but according to the trilogy, he first has to fight for his country (wow!), then for his standing in Hong Kong, and then, according to the third, against Mike Tyson because … well, because he wants to know who’s better? It’s interesting to see the series collapse into more introspection, though the fights are undeniably gorgeous and after having watched some classic Shaw Brothers earlier, hyperkinetic.

Donnie Yen is impressive too, though after seeing the difference in height between him and the actor who played Yip’s wife (there’s something you can’t unsee) you have to give the guy a break, don’t you? We should all be so lucky.



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