Third Week

Dear J—

Well, for the third week in a row, I’ve taken a day off – two weeks ago it was to attend a graduation, one week ago it was for me, and this week we got an early jump on our anniversary (officially this Saturday, which if I’m not mistaken, marks the first time it’s been on a Saturday since the actual day-of, sixteen years ago, not that I’ve been keeping particularly good track of it). We had a pretty busy day yesterday, first flitting over to Marin County, then Contra Costa and Alameda, and finally back to San Mateo. No doubt I jarred something loose because I’ve got that kind of summertime cold that only the really virtuous will get: achy, feverish (maybe?) and that really watery drainage that ends up staining everything yellow.

That sounds important, or perhaps not: it seems like I run into this approximately the same time every year, so let’s not try to interact with too many people today, mmkay? 



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