Dear J—

I did not actually buy a Green Day album until after I had left Berkeley, despite having lived at one of the co-ops where they had played a live show (I knew people who knew people). It was a fit of pique, or perhaps nostalgia, that drove me to it, there in that used records shop in Central Square, to pick up the album and put it into heavy rotation amongst other things like the Trainspotting album and strangely enough, Gershwin’s Greatest Hits.

This is the power of music: I can still remember where I was and what I was doing when I first heard When I Come Around, for instance; you can say that it’s not that great of a song or a video but those specific feelings it evokes are strong enough to overcome any sufficiently rational criticism. I see the kids with their amazing ability to parrot things and yet the house is lacking in music, thus far.



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