Two Words

Dear J—

So first, a brief word about the Warriors: at one point last night I thought to myself: well gee, they’re not here for your entertainment. And then I reversed that thought and thought: well, no, that’s exactly why they exist. So to avoid the sort of inevitable disappointment that comes with thinking about it too much more, I remember the lyrics to Turn It Off and remind myself there are worse things in the world than to spend Father’s Day with many kids and lots of toys.

The other thought for the morning is this: I saw it last week but forgot about it until now: the city, no doubt flush with increased property tax cash, has begun replacing the high pressure sodium bulbs with LED fixtures, which makes an incredible difference in the character of street lighting. This is a fundamental change between the monochromatic orange-and-black of the past fifty-plus years of lighting and colors at night (colors at night!) and one day we may have to explain just why we settled for less.


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