Rogue Robots

Dear J—

The voice that tells us CAUTION: DOORS ARE ABOUT TO CLOSE on the train sounds a lot like the voice from WALL-E that warns us about ROGUE ROBOTS. That is all the observational power I have for you today. Let’s not be too aggravated by things we can’t fully control, all right? You can control your own reactions, not what other people do, and that should be your mantra for now. We have enough; this is enough, they are enough, we have plenty. Remind yourself; drill it into your head if you need to, but yeah, this is enough.There’s a small buffer zone of repair shops near downtown but just north of there you start seeing the little houses and solid walls to shut out the noises. 

What activities will we have this weekend? Is it okay to be thinking that far forward this early? Tuesday. Let’s make it a great week, all right? What a slow start to it, though.



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