Train Time

Dear J—

I watch the train rolling up in the morning, a silver promise each day  showing me the way south, bell ringing, wheels squealing, hitting the mark and pushing me on down the road to where I need to go. And riding the train in the week is a different experience than riding on the weekend; you get a bit of the same experience only not at all the same when frequency slows to once an hour instead of as often as you need or that tracks and stations can bear, the byzanitine scheduling practices that dictate which stations will skip and which will stop. There is a fearful complexity that has us clutching paper copies of schedules and timetables (note to app developers: the timetable view is far more important than picking out paired stations, unless you’re limited to only passing between the same two stations every day every way; I would love to see one where the timetable is the default view).

Still we roll along, a lighted prayer against the darkness, a clanking noise in the silence of the early morning bringing order and schedule into the day.



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