Dear J—

I consider the time I spend with the senior nuclear engineer in the company to be a defecto apprenticeship. I’m certainly learning as much as I can, as fast as I can, and the time will come some day when I have to pass that on to someone else, I suppose, assuming we’re still in the same line of work by then. Who knows what’s going to be happening thirty years from now (ugh; it was always forty years from now and what do I have to show for that? A giant tax bill and ten years in Southern California that … well, led to this. So there’s that, at least.)?

We roll on south: we’ll get there, we got this.

Yesterday we had out-of-town guests who weren’t supposed to arrive for another week. I’m learning as many intangible lessons as tangible ones: sometimes it’s okay to ask for a timeout, to regroup and reset and prepare for the rest of your time together as needed, as promised. Who carries on thinking that it’s never going to change, after all? Be flexible with your plans, don’t procrastinate, be generous with your time and manner. Lessons.



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