Tax Year

Dear J—

So 2014 was the first year theVet was working for herself and we had calculated several times that year that we wouldn’t owe any estimated taxes, hooray, right? Well, early 2015 comes around, we run our numbers through real tax software and lo and behold, we owe big. Great. 

It turns out that I screwed up the taxes in more ways that one that year, too. We had gotten a disbursement from a prior job’s pension plan – since I wasn’t of retirement age at the time, they withheld taxes. On the other hand I failed to report the resulting 1099-R because I think it got sent to our old address (we moved in early 2014, meaning that we got the disbursement and any mail forwarding that we might have had going would have expired by early 2015, when they mailed out 1099s). Smart me, right? It’s an unusual tax situation, I guess (I’m not, probably, going to be working for a company with a pension plan again anytime soon, and haven’t been looking for other jobs either, so I won’t get I hit with that again, I hope).

Time to call up the old job and see if I can get a copy of that 1099-R, though, so I can also pay off California.



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